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shirtless driver

9 Easy Steps To Enjoy Shirtless Pickup Truck Driving Season In The Illinois Valley

May 8th, 2018

MARSEILLES, IL – With warmer weather comes a beloved time in the Illinois Valley for local pickup truck drivers…shirtless driving season!

No longer bound by sleeves and shirts, men from all over the area have begun to shed the shirt and roll down the windows in anticipation of summer.

In order to partake of the time honored tradition men everywhere need to take the following steps.

1. In prep get a nice farmers tan.
2. Take shirt off.
3. Get in pickup truck.
4. Roll down the window.
5. Turn on George Jones.
6. Flip hat backwards.
7. Put on sunglasses.
8. Put arm out the side – display barb wire tattoo.
9. Drive.

With these 9 steps anyone can enjoy this summers shirtless driving season, the fatter the better, so don’t be afraid to display that back hair for everyone to see.

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