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A Cold Chill Falls Over Hell As The Cubs Enter The World Series

October 23rd, 2016
World Series

UNDERWORLD – Reports are coming this weekend of a cold spell descending on the depths of Hades as the Cubs quenched their first pennant in over half a century.

Minions from the underworld have reported frost plaguing the once warm and stifling pits of damnation.

Local Cubs fans responded to the reports this weekend, most expressing disbelief that hell was actually freezing over.

Often used as a figure of speech, most people don’t recall the very real cold front that moved through the darkened pits of fire following the Red Sox and White Sox World Series wins.

“Those days things got cold, but if the Cubs win the World Series we are expecting a deep freeze in which we have not seen.” Stated one of the dark angels.

Most residents of hell have had to disconnect their hoses and turn on the heaters as the freeze nears.

“What can you do? They’re good. Besides I’ve always wanted to play hockey. It’s always been too hot here for that.” Concluded the angel.

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