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Bears Will Scrimmage University of Illinois In Effort To Raise Morale

September 11th, 2016

CHICAGO, IL – On the heels of a 23 to 14 loss against the Houston Texans, the Chicago Bears are looking to build confidence with a scrimmage against Lovie Smith’s U of I Fighting Illini.

“Both teams could use a little confidence boost and we could use some tips from the NFL professionals. It will be a win-win for both teams.” Smith stated Sunday afternoon.

Bears fans on the other hand, seem less enthused about the prospect of a winning season for their beloved team. Many fans have already started repeating the mantra of “There’s always next year.” All told the season is still only one game deep.

“How will this help anything? Drubbing a college team in practice? Who knows maybe the Illini will lay it to them.” Stated a Bears fan coming from Sundays game.

“Either way the suck factor is high with both teams! It probably can’t get worse.” Yelled another fan walking out of the gates Sunday.

“If I have to watch another game like today, I’m done, and I know pain, I’m a White Sox fan.” A fan concluded as he left the park.

The Cob hopes this historical scrimmage will make both teams come together and grow. If not, here’s to next year.

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