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Chris Sale Just Trying New Pinterest Ideas

July 24th, 2016
White Sox

CHICAGO, IL – In what is surely to be a misunderstanding gone bad, Chris Sale missed last nights game after he took a pair of scissors to team uniforms before the game that was scheduled against the Detroit Tigers.

Reports indicate that Sale was merely trying a new jersey style he found on Pinterest early in the day.

Pinterest is known for arts and craft ideas that usually end in failure when trying to be created by the average person.

“I thought everyone would enjoy a new trim on the uniforms.” Sale stated. “My original idea was to just trim the sleeves, then things got out of hand it turned out to be a disaster.”

“Quintana does it all the time and no one notices!” Sale continued. “He’s just a better seamstress than me, I guess.”

Sale continued, “I’ll just stick to my real passion of scrapbooking from now on and leave the clothing to professionals.”

Reports indicate that the two fans in attendance during the rained out game didn’t seem to notice Chris Sale was removed from the lineup.

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