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Kid looking at peru mall

End of Era: Millennials Will Never Know The Pain Of Being Dragged Through Peru Mall With A Mother Eager For Bargains

August 27th, 2017
Peru Mall

PERU, IL – Marking the end of an era, the Peru Mall may be on its last leg and that means kids will no longer get to experience a busy Saturday walking end to end with their mothers shopping for sales.

After the announcement of two anchor stores closing earlier in the summer, many residents have taken time to look back and remember just how awful it used to be to wait for their mothers to finish shopping while sitting on a wooden bench designed by Satan himself.

“I had short legs. Those days were long, that mall looks small but by the time I would leave with my mom, my legs would be hurting.” Thomas Andrews told The Cob.

“It’s a shame that kids these days will never know the boredom we had to endure at the mall. The worst was when you had to try on fifteen things of clothes. The dressing rooms in some stores just had a sheet and if you didn’t have clean underwear on you could be just moments away from someone ripping that sheet open and your reputation going down the drain.” He continued.

“Kids these days don’t know the word, no. I never got anything when I went to the mall, you walked all day, got nothing and had to act respectable.” Thomas concluded.

With the malls future uncertain, now is a great time to take your children and torture them, or show them what it was like when malls ruled.


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