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Man Dabs in Hospital

Fun Around Town: Local OBGYN “Dabs” After Every Delivery

February 6th, 2017

OTTAWA, IL – Although some critics would say that Dr. Kemerian’s antics are not appropriate for labor and delivery, most patients simply laugh every time he “dabs” after delivering a baby.

“I get in routines and this just happened to be one of them. I delivered a baby, did the “dab” and I just kept doing it.” Stated the Doctor speaking at OSF St. Elizabeth in Ottawa.

“I can’t really spike anything and kneeling to do the Tebow is rather unsanitary, so the “dab” it is.” Dr. Kemerian told The Cob.

“It’s really annoying, I wish he would just stop already.” A local unidentified nurse told The Cob.

“Now he is starting to flip water bottles and other medical equipment and yelling out “Dude” a lot.” She concluded.

Last week reports surfaced that Dr. Kemerian delivered twins and did a double “dab”.

When asked what his next move would be, Dr. K just said, “Watch this!” and threw a bandage across the room sinking it in the garbage.

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