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Grocery Stores Increase Prices Of Bread & Milk Ahead Of Winter Storm

December 9th, 2016

PERU, IL – Local mega grocery stores Hyvee, Krogers, Walmart and Target have taken drastic steps to make a few more dollars before a giant winter storm is set to hit the area over the weekend by raising milk and bread prices by 200%.

“Supply and demand, it’s as simple as that. We know we’ll have people scrambling to get these items and we need to capitalize on that rush.” Stated a local Walmart representative.

As Friday kicked off, locals from around the Illinois Valley were busy getting bread and milk; most people seemed to not notice the price changes.

A Peru native, Tara Jomnes, was picking up milk and bread Friday when The Cob caught up to her.

When asked about the price changes, Mrs. Jomnes yelled, “Milk and Bread!”, checked out and sprinted out of the store yelling and flailing her arms.

As for the return of normal prices on milk and bread, recent snows have shown that the in demand staples should decrease in price following the snowfall.

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