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Health Watch: Skip Breakfast – Eat As Much As You Want All Day

September 6th, 2016

ILLINOIS – A new study released this week by the University of Illinois in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Public Health has advised citizens that skipping breakfast is the fix all for the obesity problems plaguing the state.

“After months of research we have concluded that as long as you skip breakfast, you can eat pretty much whatever you want and still be healthy.” Stated U of I Professor Dr. Max Thomas.

“When you miss out on breakfast your body immediately goes into a hyper-mega starvation mode. You burn calories and fat so fast, that for lunch you should be eating double and triple the amount of food you would normally eat. You can justify this excess by reminding yourself and everyone around you that you missed breakfast and it is ok.” Max continued.

The IDPH suggests foods high in fat and sugar to combat the effects of missing breakfast. Cheese, bacon, and orange soda top the charts of the best foods to consume after missing breakfast.

“With obesity on the rise, this startling discovery holds a new hope for those struggling with weight issues. It’s not magic, it’s just skipping breakfast. It is really that easy.” Doctor Thomas concluded.

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