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Donald Trump in front of National Park

Heathen President Trump Donates First Salary To Parks Service – #NotMyPresident

April 3rd, 2017

WASHINGTON DC – In what many critics are calling a show of racist, bigoted and environment destroying actions, President Donald Trump has donated his first salary worth $78,333 to the National Parks Service.

“This guy is just a disgusting man, who would do such a thing like this? I mean the National Parks don’t need your racist money.” Torence Johnson, a local Anti-Fascist Protestor, told The Cob early Monday morning.

“The parks department should return his money, it’s pretty much like Hitler or George W Bush donating money. It’s dirty money. It’s immoral, just take your salary and shut it.” Torence continued.

“I bet he is going to trick us and instead of helping the parks, he is going to create a Mount Trumpmore to honor himself. Yep, I’m sure of that.” Torence finished.

As of Monday afternoon, The Cob was unable to find any rumors of a Mount Trumpmore true.

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