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Pot Class

High School Agriculture Classes Teach Pot Cultivation For Medicinal Purposes Only

September 1st, 2016

NORTHERN ILLINOIS – With the loosening of cannabis laws in Illinois, educators have taken steps to teach kids about the science and business behind pot, preparing them for a future in the business.

Medicinal marijuana laws have recently been enacted in Illinois bringing the business of weed to the Illinois Valley. With this unique new business market comes a new demand for education and training. Local high schools have stepped up efforts to make ganja a successful new business segment in the area.

Area schools have dipped into funds to set up green houses where they can teach kids the ins and outs of the trade.

“Parents have expressed some concern, but I’ve told them it is for medicinal purposes only. The students always ask for homework. I just don’t allow that. Remember medicinal only.” Stated, Joshua Blatzer a local biology teacher.

“School is about education, but it is also about preparing students for future jobs. This is a job they will likely be doing in 10 years.” He continued.

Even though “pot education” is highly illegal on the state and federal level, schools have seen little backlash from authorities.

As far as Mr. Blatzer’s class, he’s never had so much attendance. “These kids don’t seem to miss a class!” He concluded.

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