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Guy bike to Utica

How Far Could It Be? Local Man Fails To Bike To Utica On I&M Canal

February 23rd, 2017

UTICA, IL – After being stranded for several hours on the I&M Canal, an Ottawa resident finally made it to Utica after he underestimated how long the trip between the two towns actually was.

Paul Werner and his wife Patty thought they would enjoy the early spring weather and cycle to Utica on the I&M Canal Wednesday afternoon. Soon after they started Patty reported her husband wanted to give up because his legs and butt hurt.

“He just kept saying this bike seat is the devil and asking how much further?” Patty told The Cob.

“After so long he just gave up and laid down, I think we were a mile into the ride.” Patty continued.

“I thought about leaving his whiny butt there but decided against it.” She concluded.

After several hours Patty told The Cob that they made it safely to Utica after a family member picked them up in a car.

The Cob wants to remind all our readers that just because it is nice outside doesn’t mean you will enjoy being outside. Stay inside and stay safe.

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