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Internet Doctor Says Hillary Has Bubonic Plague, Zika, Ebola & Leprosy

September 12th, 2016

UNITED STATES – Following a very public health crisis Sunday, Hillary Clinton emerged from a New York apartment looking in good spirits following being diagnosed with a quadfecta of illnesses by internet doctors.

“I’m a doctor and it looks like she has black death, zika, ebola, and leprosy. She’s very sick. Unfit indeed.” Stated a blogger with the username, TrumpS$$Fan1.

“In my expert opinion she’s a zombie now. The diseases have taken over. She should just give up and concede to Trump.” The self-proclaimed internet doctor continued.

After some research The Cob was able to confirm the proclamations by TrumpS$$Fan1 and put a name to the user. Though not an actual doctor, Dr. Juan VanDiller uses the Doctor title in the same way Dr. Phil or Dr. Demento uses it he says.

“I may not be an actual doctor, but I Googled it and she has zika and ebola for sure. From what I read on WebMD the plague and leprosy are probably correct diagnoses as well.” Dr. Juan concluded.

The Cob wishes Hillary a quick recovery from this horrific situation. What a horrible condition to have.

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