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“Just What I Wanted An $140 55″ Machabucha Verzino Walmart Black Friday Special TV” Said No One Ever

November 25th, 2017
Black Friday

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Black Friday is over and with it the hope of kids all over the United States has died as parents begin to bring home cheap off-brand TVs.

“I already know what we are getting. That cheap crappy TV from Walmart.” 14-year-old Sophia Thomas told The Cob.

“My dad thinks he is getting a good deal, but he isn’t. The TV probably isn’t even worth $50.”

“Last year he told me he made an old woman cry trying to get a cheap TV. He’s a nice guy but when he tries to get one of those dumpy TVs he turns into a jerk.” Sophia continued.

“Plus last years TV is already gone. It got thrown away after it broke 3 times. He’ll never learn. ” She concluded.

As The Cob reporters were leaving Sophia’s home her dad entered and yelled, “Yo, everyone check out this awesome deal!”

Look for Black Friday deals to continue as Target offers a $120 Roko Moko Chua TV and DVD player combo Saturday.


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