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Local Governments Pushing For Panhandlers To Use Square For Credit Card Donations Opposed To Cash

June 27th, 2018

LaSALLE, ILLINOIS – Touted as a safety measure, many area governments have proposed a subsidized program in which local homeless are given tablets with Square Payment processing capabilities in order to take handouts from locals.

“This really is a safety issue. When a panhandler is sitting at a stop light with cash in his or her pocket, they can become a victim.” Stated Harry Tharim, LaSalle City Council Member.

“With this proposal, the local homeless population can take donations and have it securely deposited into a bank account with little worry.” He continued.

“What are we looking for? Nothing much, but we think we are entitled to a 15% donation tax off the top.” He concluded.

Look for iPads and Square devices to be handed out starting in August in many cities throughout the Illinois Valley.

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