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Mom loves helping with common core

Local Mom Loves Helping Her Daughter Do Common Core Math Homework

August 18th, 2016
Common Core

OTTAWA, IL – Barb and Emma Smith, both of Ottawa, are the outliers, the exception, the few and the brave. They are a mother and daughter team that love doing common core math homework together. The truth is their whole summer has been leading up to this point.

With school now in session throughout the area, Emma (4th grade) and her mother Barb, have been on edge waiting with excitement for the first common core homework assignment to come home.

“I just like helping her. It’s so pleasant. We sit down at the kitchen table, read through a problem, think about it, sip some green tea and indulge in some deep learning. Questions that usually took two minutes to solve now take twenty minutes and we really enjoy the challenge.” Barb stated.

Implemented throughout the country, common core has been the cause of many fights, tears, hollow threats and tantrums being thrown, often by parents.

Homework time usually lasts into the night for Barb and Emma. The pair often finish up the last question around 4:00am, while they listen to Paul Simon and chill.

The Cob wishes this mother-daughter duo the best throughout the year as they create harmony through math.

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