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Local Police Warn That Man Wearing Bikini Inspector Shirt Is Not Real Bikini Inspector

December 27th, 2016

GRAND RIDGE, IL – A number of Grand Ridge citizens have fallen victim to a scam in recent months involving a man wearing an “official bikini inspector” shirt and the inspection of bikinis in resident’s homes.

“The guy looked legit. The shirt was spot on. So I let him in and he inspected my bikini. I thought it was odd, I mean it’s December, it’s in my closet, I’m not wearing it. He just looked at it, then he left.” Stated resident Jane Goodwin.

Police are warning people that although no crime has been committed, they should be wary of anyone wanting to inspect their bikini.

Victims haven’t just been women either, last month Grand Ridge native, David Drawser was duped into putting on a bikini while the unidentified “inspecter” inspected it.

“I’m open minded. You know I found it odd, but when someone asks you to put on a bikini and they look as authentic as him, you just do it. It was kind of empowering in a way and comfortable.” David concluded.

Anyone with information leading to the contact of this perp is requested to contact Grand Ridge authorities as soon as possible.

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