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Spray Park

Local Spray Parks Install Shampoo Pumps for Locals Who Smell

June 3rd, 2018
Spray Park

STREATOR/OTTAWA, IL – Looking to cool off this summer and also freshen up a little bit? You are in luck, both Ottawa and Streator have installed shampoo bottle stations at their respective water spray parks for those that smell like sweat and burnt meatloaf.

“We all know that people around here can use a shower more often than they take them.” Ottawa resident, Shawn Thender told The Cob.

“People are saying that it is insulting. I think it is doing a public service.” He continued.

“Summer months are hard on people, they get confused about putting on deodorant and you know what I appreciate this effort.” He concluded.

City officials from both towns stated that bathing suits are still required for those looking to clean up in the public spray park.

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