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Professional Photographer Taking A Photo

Local Woman Buys DSLR Camera, Now Professional Photographer

January 30th, 2017
professional photographer

UTICA, IL – Utica native Tara Ingroove didn’t think that buying a DSLR camera was a big deal until she bought one Friday evening and instantly became a Professional Photographer.

“I bought the camera Friday and by Saturday I was taking professional quality photos. The skills just kind of appeared out of nowhere.” Tara told The Cob.

“I just know everything there is to know about photography now, lighting, shades, colors, and cute baby poses. I’m not sure if everyone who buys a DSLR camera gets these skills, but I did.” She continued.

As of Sunday morning Tara had already set up her own websites called, “Pro Photos By Tara” and converted her living room into a studio.

“I don’t mean to brag, but I take the best photos. Call it luck or random chance, I just call it skill.” Tara concluded.

Pro Photos by Tara is open Tuesday thru Sunday 8am to 8pm or by appointment for all your Professional Photographer needs.

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