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Low Carb Dieter Appalled At Amount Of Bread In Grant Street Grocery

December 22nd, 2016
Grant Street

STREATOR, IL – As a man on a strict low carb diet, Gary Willson, is no rookie when it comes to dealing with the tempting deliciousness of carbohydrates wherever he goes, but as The Cob has found out, even this staunch dieter couldn’t believe his eyes when he visited Grant Street Grocery last week.

“I saw the sign before I walked in, I knew they’d have bread. Man! Do they have bread! I panicked for a second. What do I do?” Gary told The Cob.

“I started thinking to myself, what kind of place is this? Who are these people? How do they make so much bread? I couldn’t handle it.” Gary continued.

“At first I was blindsided, but then I got my bearings. I saw them shoving meat products inside bread, buttered breadsticks, sub sandwiches with enough bread for a full family, and a massive bread shrine to the gods.” Gary proceeded.

“So I got deviled eggs.” Gary concluded.

As for what is next for Grant Street, The Cob was made aware of a bread sandwich coming in the spring. We were told that it is two pieces of bread with bread in the middle.

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