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March Madness Guy

Man Psyched For March Madness No Longer Cares What Happens After Bracket Busts

March 19th, 2017
march madness

OTTAWA, IL – A self proclaimed NCAA basketball fanatic and “bracket master”, Brian Drews of Ottawa, now says he no longer cares about the NCAA basketball tournament and stated that the whole thing is “just stupid”, after his bracket busted early in the first round.

“He gets so intense and mocks the picks that everyone makes and then his bracket blows up like this. I just had to laugh.” Brian’s friend Tom Mart told The Cob.

“What a baby. He picked a 15 seed to go on to the Final Four. I think he isn’t all there to be honest. Who picks a 15 and then brags about it?” Tom continued.

As for Brian, The Cob has learned that ever since he declared the tournament stupid, he is secretly checking his brackets and calculating ways that he can still pull out a pool win.

“Yeah, I’ve heard the rumors, we know he is still checking in on his bracket. There really isn’t a chance he can salvage anything. Next year I’ll probably just avoid him around this time of year.” Brian’s friend Tom concluded.

For those dealing with volatile and annoying friends during the March Madness Tourney, there have been support groups set up throughout the country that work through methods of dealing with bracket douchebags.

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