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Mautino Forgets To Remove ‘Financed With Campaign $$$’ Bumper Sticker From Cars

December 6th, 2016

LASALLE COUNTY, IL – In what can only be explained as a moment of lost clarity, Auditor General Frank Mautino’s cars have been discovered to be plastered with bumper stickers exclaiming that they were “Financed With Campaign $$$”.

Opening research into the pending inquiries aimed at the Auditor General’s campaign, The Cob was able to spot several vehicles in question outside his home, with said bumper stickers still intact.

Upon learning of the discovery late last week, Mautino’s lawyers ordered the bumper stickers to be removed from the cars and all evidence dismissed from future prosecution.

“Yeah, I used campaign dollars for my cars, wait no, no, no I didn’t. You saw nothing!” Mautino was overheard telling a local newspaper during an interview Monday afternoon.

As for the printing of the bumper stickers in question, The Cob was able to secure receipts and memos showing campaign dollars were spent for the custom printing of the stickers themselves.

On top of the bumper stickers, Mautino was seen Saturday afternoon wearing a shirt that read, “I Used Campaign Money To Buy This Shirt And All I Got Was This Shirt.”, funny, but inappropriate.

Stay tuned to The Cob as updates to the investigations continue.

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