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Log Fire Ottawa

Middle Aged Functioning Alcoholics Flock To Still Smoldering Wood Fire Outside Ottawa For A Saturday Night Party

May 13th, 2018

OTTAWA, IL – With nothing much to do and the bonfire logs drawing down at home, Sam Sturner (41) of Ottawa and his buddies decided to head to the southside and take advantage of the still burning woodpile near 4H road for a Saturday night bonfire.

“The fire was still going so we packed up the beer and brats and headed over there.” Sam told the Cob Sunday morning.

“We got the corn hole boards out, pitched our lawn chairs and had ourselves a night.” He continued.

“Usually I have to set up the fire and get everything going at home, but there are fires all over out there. We didn’t have to share everyone had their own little smoldering spot. It was epic!” Sam concluded.

Next week several BBQ Pit Masters plan to bury a hog Hawaiian style at the site.


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