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Bicycle Rider

New Law: Ride Your Bike On A Downtown Ottawa Sidewalk, Get 50 Lashings

September 27th, 2017

OTTAWA, IL, – New sidewalks in Ottawa’s Downtown means new laws put in place this week by city hall, including a very subtle new law excluding bike use on the newly installed sidewalks with punishments starting at 50 public lashings.

With mayoral approval, the city announced harsher punishments for those riding their bikes on the sidewalks of Ottawa’s downtown last weekend. The sliding scale of punishments ranges from public lashings to up to 10 years in jail.

To enforce the new law Ottawa has hired a group of professional bicycle police to patrol the dozen sidewalks adorned with fresh NO BICYCLE ON SIDEWALK spray painted on them.

As the law took place a local cyclist told The Cob, “I was riding on the road and a car almost ran over my head and then I decided to ride on the sidewalk and a bicycle cop started clubbing me. How does this help anything?”

Lashings are held every Tuesday in Washington Park. See you there.

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