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Tornado Picture

New Study Finds 100% of People Afraid of Severe Weather Hate Those Excited By It

July 26th, 2016

CHAMPAIGN, IL – A new study out of the University of Illinois targeted at how people react to severe and threatening weather was released last week. To most the findings may not come as a surprise.

When asked a simple question, 100 out 100 respondents that declared fear for severe weather stated that they “hate with a murderous rage” those that find severe weather exciting or enjoyable. This study was not scientific.

The Cob interviewed a married couple that is currently working through counseling to get past the hurdle that severe weather brings to their marriage.

Bob and Mary Johnson of Princeton have been married 20 years and have hit a tipping point in their relationship.

“[During severe storms] I’ll be in the basement hiding under a mattress and this nitwit [Bob] is upstairs outside yelling and dancing enjoying every minute of the storm.” Said Mary.

“One time I was pelted in the head with a quarter size chunk of hail. I was dazed and had some brain bleeding, but other than that it was a rush. What a rush!” Bob stated.

U of I suggested several methods to combat this issue including toning down fear and excitement or doubling down until somebody breaks.

As for Bob and Mary only the next storm will tell whether they can resolve their conflicts or not.

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