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Beer Uber

Opinion: Use Uber If You’re Too Drunk To Get To Hermans For More Beer

September 26th, 2017

OTTAWA, IL – New transportation technology has come to Ottawa in recent months opening up new safer ways for drunk residents to get more beer at Hermans.

“I used to walk to Hermans to get more beer when I was drunk…now I just Uber there.” Tom Raynolds told The Cob.

“It’s safer and if I barf in the car, it’s not my car so who cares.” He continued.

“It’s just the worst when you run out of beer and you need more, but you’re a responsible adult, so you don’t drive.” Tom concluded.

A new Uber code has recently been released for a 20% discount for rides to Hermans. Use code IAMDRUNKTAKEMETOHERMANS.

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