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Overweight Man Missing Subtle Hints That Coworkers Want Him To Be Santa For Company Party

December 11th, 2016

PONTIAC, IL – Plans for a local company Christmas party are in peril today after a Pontiac man is reported to have missed several hints from coworkers in regards to him playing Santa during the holiday party.

“Every year we have a Santa at our Christmas party for our children to sit on his lap and ask for presents. We pride ourselves in a family party, but this year it looks as if Santa maybe a no show.” Stated Human Resources Manager Peggy Carol.

“We’ve tried to be as subtle as possible. We don’t want to come out and tell him that he’s the biggest one at the company. Plus he has a beard. It’s a fine line. How do you ask and not offend?” Carol questioned.

“Our employees have tried just about everything as well. We tell him he looks jolly, he looks good in red and he laughs and jiggles marvelously. We just haven’t been able to get through.” Carol concluded.

As of writing this article, Peggy was able to confirm to The Cob that the company is still without a Santa for their party, so they have sent out a call to the public on their company Facebook page. If interested please contact Peggy at 815-555-1222 or message online.

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