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Parents Too Old To Trick Or Treat Commence The Annual Stealing Of Their Kids Candy While They Sleep

November 1st, 2017

CHICAGO, IL – November 1st marks the official start of one of the darkest times of the year for parents all over the country, the annual 10 pm consumption of their children’s Halloween candy.

The Cob reached out to area parents who have already confessed to dipping into their kid’s candy while they are in bed.

“Get out of there, Tom! You’ve already eaten 4 Reese’s. She’ll know when she wakes up.” Karen Chaca yelled at her husband as The Cob interviewed her Wednesday evening.

“I usually sneak one or two pieces at night. They won’t notice that, but my husband takes all the full-size bars. They’ll notice that!” Mrs. Chaca exclaimed.

“I had to walk them around and freeze my butt off, I’m entitled to the candy too!” Thomas Chaca told us.

“Do I take them to the rich houses with huge candy bars? Umm yeah, I do. I’m not gonna lie.”

“Maybe I’m just a big kid. Yeah, that’s my excuse.” Thomas concluded.

Here’s to all the parents sneaking their kid’s candy’s, enjoy your special quiet time alone with chocolate and sugar. You deserve it.

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