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Bernie at the debate

Sanders & Cruz To Debate Who Would Win In A Fight, A Lion Or A Polar Bear With A Glock

February 8th, 2017

WASHINGTON DC – After dismal ratings and general uninterest by the public at large, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have decided to start debating real issues such as who would win in a fight: A lion or a polar bear with a Glock?

“Ratings were pretty awful. We had some concerns about two losing candidates attracting an audience going in, but this turned out to be much worse. So we’ve shifted, and we think we have a winning plan for the next debate.” Sharon Ilsom from CNN told The Cob Wednesday morning.

“I don’t want to give out too many details, but indeed questions will range from: Who punches harder? Chuck Norris or God to Which Stars Wars movie was the best?” Mrs. Ilsom stated.

“This debate will have more substance and passion, no doubt about that. Most viewers can’t wait.” The CNN Rep concluded.

As for other rumored questions, The Cob obtained this list:

What state would you least want to live in? Florida or Michigan.

Who would win in a crime lord animal fight? Gangsta Cats or Mafia Dogs

What is your favorite color?

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