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Softball Girl

Softball Mom Publicly Berates Daughter – She Instantly Becomes A Better Player

May 3rd, 2018

NAPERVILLE, IL – Few things mean more to Sara Surans than her daughter winning in softball, and win she does, all because of Sara’s outbursts and childish ridiculing during games and practice.

“I come to the park tired and not really excited, but when my mom starts ripping into me and telling me how bad I am I really get motivated. It’s like a new life.” Sara’s daughter Vanessa (12) told The Cob.

“The techniques I have developed to motive my daughter are a personal secret.” Mrs. Surans spoke during a game.

“There has to be some subtle encouragement, but I keep that at a minimum, no matter how many hits she gets, that one strikeout is just not acceptable.” She continued.

“I am not raising a good sportswoman, I am raising a super-star and I’ll do what it takes to get her to the top.” She concluded.

Following the game, Sara made her daughter run home following the family’s van for a described “lake of hustle during the game”.

Here’s to hoping there are more people out there really pushing their kids to greatness.

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