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Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park Installs Path for Visitors Looking to Fall Off Cliffs

July 5th, 2016
Starved Rock
starved rock state park

UTICA, IL – In what is being explained as a cost saving measure, Starved Rock State Park is installing a trail that leads straight off a cliff.

Concern citizens questioned the safety of such a trail at a local meeting recently. An IDNR spokesperson reassured questioners that this trail would have complete warning signs as any other trail would. He reminded park goers that this trail is for only those that would normally wander off a trail anyway.

“The rescue process is expensive. We are looking to save money by having one spot where these visitors can fall off the cliff and we can be ready to rescue them. Essentially it takes the searching out of search and rescue.” Stated the IDNR spokesperson.

“Obviously there are a select number of visitors that come to the park wanting to experience the damaging effects of falling off a cliff, we are just looking to accommodate these visitors and save money along the way.”

When questioned why the trail does not lead to a cliff over water, the IDNR spokesperson stated, “We’d rather not have these people coming back. State Parks should be for those smart enough to stay on trails.”

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