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Houston Flood

“Stop Politicizing This Disaster!” Says Politician In Limo Drinking Champagne In Houston

August 30th, 2017

HOUSTON, TX – As Houston begins to recover from the devastating floods, most residents were not sure how they could have survived without politicians showing up for photo ops and political slanted Facebook posts flooding the web.

“I don’t know how we could have made it without a handful of politicians coming out and smiling for the camera then leaving.” A local Houstonian, Brad Johnson told The Cob.

When asked about the political photos of the disaster being posted to Facebook, Brad told The Cob, “I don’t have the internet right now, we are literally standing in water. Why would I care about that?”

Just as The Cob was wrapping up interviews a local politician was making his way through town in a limo, screaming at reporters to stop politicizing the disaster.

News crews were also setting up areas to document the destruction while reclining in their lawn chairs and sipping margaritas. “It’s work but it’s also a vacation, so might as well…” One was over heard saying.

The Cob thinks if you have to politicize a disaster you might as well do it on this one, why not, everyone else is. Although we would never do that.


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