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Picture of Pluto

Streator Elementary Moves to Remove All Planets but Pluto From Curriculum

July 8th, 2016

STREATOR, IL – Streator Tourism in conjunction with Streator Elementary have collaborated in an effort to bring local history to the forefront of early education. Starting next school year Streator Elementary will only teach students about Pluto. Other real planets will be skipped entirely. Estimates show that it could save the district some much needed money.

“Instead of spending a week on teaching all the planets to our students, we will teach them about Pluto and Clyde Tombaugh then move on.” Said the Streator District Superintendent.

The rest of the world may not see Pluto as an actual planet, but the residents of Streator have yet to yield to the science community’s changes.

In a move to enforce the pride of Pluto within the community, Mayor Jimmie Lansford has declared Pluto the official planet of Streator, going so as far to implement strong fines for those speaking of other planets.

“While the rest of the world tries to marginalize Pluto, we are doubling down on our efforts to give this planet the respect it deserves.” Said the Mayor.

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