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Firemen get drones

Streator Police Jealous Firefighters Get To Play With Drones

February 17th, 2017
Fire Department
Police Officers

STREATOR, IL – A controversy is brewing in Streator between the Fire and Police squads after the Fire Department was given a drone to play with.

“I guess it makes sense, they have more downtime between calls, but dang that looks like fun.” Stated Streator Police Officer David Trunder.

“I drive by after working a full shift and they are outside flying the drone and laughing and having a good time. We want cool toys too.” The Officer continued.

“I was thinking we could get one of those cool hoverboards and patrol the city parks. I doubt it is in the budget, though.” Officer Trunder concluded.

As of Friday morning news was being spread that the Fire Department was also getting a ping pong table and 4k 100″ tv to test out.

As for the Police Department, The Cob was told they might be getting a Nintendo Gameboy next fall.

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