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Person painting wall

Downtown Streator Developer, “Look That Building Is Crumbling Let’s Put A Painting Over It!”

October 15th, 2017

STREATOR, IL – As more buildings fall into disrepair in downtown Streator, the city has come up with a genius plan of covering the buildings in paintings, solving all structural issues for good. “It’s much too expensive to repair these buildings, that is why we’ve chosen to cover them in paintings.” Steve Righton told The […]

One-way sign in Streator

Streator Officials: We Need More One-Way Roads To Confuse Out-Of-Towners

May 7th, 2017

STREATOR, IL – During last weeks transportation and roadway meeting, city of Streator officials came to the conclusion that the town needed more one-way roads to confuse the hell out of non-residents. “Driving through town just proved to be too easy for some visitors to Streator, we needed to make it more of a challenge.” […]

Streator Robber in Front of Wal-Mart

Stolen Electronics Returned To Streator Wal-Mart Denied Without Receipt

February 14th, 2017

STREATOR, IL – Over the weekend a brazen group of criminals robbed the Streator Wal-Mart only to later regret wasting a felony crime charge on cheap Chinese made electronic garbage. This, in turn, prompted an attempt by the thieves to return the items to the store to no avail. “We had a few people come […]

Picture of Pluto

Streator Elementary Moves to Remove All Planets but Pluto From Curriculum

July 8th, 2016

STREATOR, IL – Streator Tourism in conjunction with Streator Elementary have collaborated in an effort to bring local history to the forefront of early education. Starting next school year Streator Elementary will only teach students about Pluto. Other real planets will be skipped entirely. Estimates show that it could save the district some much needed […]