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Tony Romo's Uber Service

Tony Romo Retires – Plans To Pay The Bills By Driving Uber On The Weekends

April 4th, 2017

DALLAS, TX – Tuesday afternoon brought the unforeseen news of Cowboy’s Quarterback, Tony Romo’s retirement from football and ushered in his plans to broadcast CBS games while driving for Uber on the weekends.

“This was a tough decision, but things just fell into place for me. I was offered a commentator job on CBS and since I will have the nice suit, I will be driving Uber on the weekends and my off days.” Romo told The Cob.

“Tony’s White Label Uber service is the name I will be using. I’ll be driving a solid white Buick Regal so I can go relatively undetected. Look for that service to start early in May.” Romo concluded.

Much like Tony’s career, riders are left wondering if he will actually take them all the way.

“I’m really hoping that he doesn’t just drop people off a block from their home.” Stated a concerned Uber patron. “Nice guy, but he just can’t seem to seal the deal.”

Look for Tony on CBS in the fall, as he tells us how the players that were better than him can be better.

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