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Starved Rock Drivers

Tourists On Route 71 Drive 5 MPH Nearly Kill Everyone

September 4th, 2017
Starved Rock

STARVED ROCK, IL – Blissfully unaware of the traffic jamming up behind them, Debby and Rich Dennis of Chicago, nearly caused the death of a dozen people as they drove 5 MPH through Starved Rock on Route 71 Sunday afternoon.

“This area is just so beautiful, we had to take it in with a slow drive through the country side. We saw a bird!” Rich told The Cob.

“The blind curves, winding roads, and cliff drops are perfect for peering out the car window while driving nice and slow.” His wife Debby chimed in.

When questioned about the possibility of causing an accident, Rich responded, “People need to slow down, I know the speed limit is 45 here, but I was safe.”

As The Cob caught up with the massive traffic backup Sunday, a hiker was having trouble passing the pair.

“I can walk faster than this! Move over!” He yelled.

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