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Undecided Voters Deeply Influenced By Political Yard Signs

September 4th, 2016

ILLINOIS – Every election year, yards, street corners and homes become adorned with campaign signs representing a plethora of candidates and issues.

Often thought to be a visual annoyance, new findings have suggested that people are so easily swayed that the near site of a campaign sign makes them shift their political views completely.

“We’ve found that undecided voters are most often swayed by these yard signs.” Brian Willington of Real Clear Politics stated during an impromptu interview with The Cob.

“These undecided voters could be driving down the road and see a Democratic candidate yard sign and they decide on the spot they are voting for that candidate. Often times just another block down the road they see a Republican candidate yard sign and they change their mind. This usually happens hundreds of times over and over again.” Continued Brian.

“These yard signs are just too effective at influencing voters. I believe they should be illegal. They have led to mass confusion. People don’t know who to vote for any longer.” He continued.

“So be careful when putting out a political yard sign. It may help motivate some people to vote along with you, but it also could make your neighbor ponder whether they still want to be friends with you. It is a questionable move at best.” Brian concluded.

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