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Woman Stranded At Home For Days After 1″ Of Snowfall

December 12th, 2016

DWIGHT, IL – A Dwight woman has been stranded at home for days following an inch of snowfall last week that has left her fearful of leaving the warm coziness of her home.

Reports started to surface last week about a Dwight resident, Linda Drazen, who after careful consideration decided to stay home until the snow cleared.

“I’ve missed work, my kids have to walk home from school, I don’t have milk, but I just can’t bring myself to going out in this.” Mrs. Drazen stated as she lounged in her footy pajamas last Wednesday afternoon.

“Summer and fall went too fast. I guess I’m just not ready for this. My car has snow on it right now. I’m just not doing it this year. When the snow leaves, so will I.” Linda continued.

When questioned about her place of employment’s patience about the situation, Drazen yelled, “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” as she watched the Jerry Springer Show unaware that Cob reporters were still on the scene.

Later in the week new stories began to emerge of other residents also taking a stand about snow. As to when this will end, Mrs. Drazen summed it up well, “Never!”.

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