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Yard Sale Alerts: Same House Everyday, Prices High, You Know The Place

October 24th, 2016
Yard Sale

ILLINOIS VALLEY – Occasionally The Cob accepts yard sale listings under the circumstances that posters are honest about the sale. This weeks listings are below. Please review all disclaimers below.

123 Mortin Dr. Streator, IL – Large multifamily sale, toys, clothes and other collectables. Everyday for a year or more.*

312 N. Archment St. Ottawa, IL – Power tools, tvs and electronics. Friday from 6am to 10pm and Sunday during football games.**

111 Park Rd. LaSalle, IL – Large family sale, hurry items won’t last.***

*One family, no toys or clothes available, literally everyday there will be junk on the driveway.

**Overpriced things I never wanted to sell, no offers will be accepted. Get off my lawn.

***Items have been chewed on by a dog and stained with smoke from the clouds of a thousand cigarettes.

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