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Rickshaw LP

LaSalle Adding Public Transit Rickshaw Service

October 15th, 2019
LASALLE, IL – After recent calls for more public transportation in the town of LaSalle, city officials have approved several rickshaw services that plan to hit the streets this fall. In retaliation, the City of Peru has made a motion to block all rickshaws from entering their town, starting a battle between ritzy suburbanites and […]
Ottawa U-turn

Don’t Tell Us How To Drive, If We Want To Make Illegal U-turns We’ll Damn Well Do It!

October 12th, 2019
OTTAWA, IL – Authorities, newspapers, and local know-it-alls have raised concerns about people making illegal U-turns coming out of Ottawa’s McDonald’s drive through in recent weeks, to which we say, shutty, we’ll do what we want. “I get my morning coffee, slam a hashbrown, and squeal out a u-turn across 4 lanes of traffic, that’s […]

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