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Streator Ottawa Highway

6 Lane Highway Between Ottawa & Streator Coming in 2022

September 10th, 2018

OTTAWA, IL – Department of Transportation officials have announced plans for a 6 lane highway between Ottawa & Streator citing complaints for years from drivers concerned about how slow people drive on Route 23.

“The plan is for the speed limit to be 80 mph except in Grand Ridge where the speed limit will drop to a 15 mph zone.” A department rep told The Cob.

“I need to get to Ottawa to get my baby from my baby momma every other Saturday, I don’t wanna be stuck behind an old granny.” Zack Druzden a Streator native told The Cob Monday.

“I usually have to pass like 5 cars to get there on time.” He continued.

“This will be awesome, I can get this truck up to 80 mph easy.” Zack finished.

Look for the construction to start sometime in 2021 after the new resurfacing is already cracked and worn to hell.

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