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Ottawa Naplate Together As One

A Gentle Reminder Of Humanity & Kindness In The Chaos Of Destruction & Loss

March 2nd, 2017

OTTAWA – NAPLATE, IL – When it comes to self-deprecation, citizens of Ottawa and Naplate are usually the first ones to make jokes or laugh at their small town’s quirks and stereotypes but ask them where they would rather be any given day and most will say at home and in the communities they grew up in and love.

Such was the case Tuesday as families hunkered in basements and prayed for the safety of not only themselves but those friends and neighbors they call family. Tuesday’s tornado was a reminder of the uncertainty and destruction that now seems closer than we all once thought possible, but it was also a reminder of humanity and kindness that exists in the world. Whether it was a neighbor helping rebuild or stranger looking to help, try as you might you could not escape compassion and kindness this week.

For what was one day a squabble between neighbors, is now a renewed friendship. For what was one day a fearful loneliness, is now a warm embrace. For what was once doubt in humankind is now a renewed belief in the good of all people. In the end for most people what was found, wasn’t destruction but hope.

Over time we hope the smiles return…and they will, but maybe the story will change. People may remember the damage and destruction, but more so they will remember a community that resiliently came together to rebuild stronger together, neighbor and neighbor, friend and friend and family to family. So when asked “Where are you from?” the response will be, “Wow, I remember the February tornado, what a great community you live in.”

To our first responders, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, local officials and many other people working around the clock, The Cob says, “Thank You, your efforts are more than appreciated.”

To those that were lost and injured, we mourn with you as a community and offer our thoughts and prayers for healing and comfort in this time.

To volunteer to help in Ottawa please complete the Ottawa Volunteer Form for Naplate volunteers please complete the Naplate Volunteer Form.

❤️️ Together As One

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