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Amish guy hits homerun

Amish Man Lifts Dodgers Past Cubs in NLCS Game 2

October 16th, 2017

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – After a tight game through nine innings an unlikely Amish hero emerged for the Dodgers, Josh Turner also known as Josia Tunerseed made history with a gaming winning homerun sinking the Cubs to two games down.

“I worked the land as a kid and churned butter all my life, that’s why my biceps are so big.” Josh told The Cob Monday morning.

“Running the bases I just felt the wind in my beard and it reminded me of Amish country, riding carriages through town, smelling the air.” He continued.

“As far as baseball, it is the only sport allowed by the Amish, I’m not proudful either, but it was an easy home run.” Turner concluded.

Game 3 kicks off tomorrow and who knows what records the Amish boy will break tomorrow.

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