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Painting in Ottawa

Artistic Paintings Makes Towns More Better Than Other Towns

October 21st, 2016

OTTAWA, IL – A controversy is brewing in Ottawa, Illinois this week, as a treasured wall painting may be demolished in order for a business to develop office space. The situation leaves residents asking, “How will people know our town is better when we don’t have paintings on the buildings?”.

According to a 2016 Corn Cob survey of people who take surveys, 76% percent of people think towns with paintings are better than towns without paintings.

10% of those polled responded, “Get away from me with that clipboard!”. This poll was unscientific in nature.

The ranking of such towns does not take into effect the quality or subject matter of such paintings, but rather ranks towns based on how many paintings each one has.

Until recently Streator ranked highest on the list of paintings, but soon dropped on the list when graffiti was removed from being considered artwork.

As the dangerous trend of artwork destruction continues, Ottawans have to ask themselves. “Are we really more better than other towns now?”.

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