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kicker missing leg

Bears Accidentally Sign Kicker That Has No Leg

August 4th, 2019

CHICAGO, IL – In a bizarre incident the Chicago Bears have signed a kicker that has no leg, though his chances are still better at making a field goal than current Bears kickers.

Kaleb Rinner was signed with the Bears last week even though he has never kicked a ball in his life and is missing his right leg.

“Our staff informed us of the incident and as of right now we’ve decided to keep him on the roster until spring training begins.” A special teams assistant told The Cob.

“We really have nobody that can even kick right now so until then Kaleb can hold the position while we continue to look for a new kicker.” The assistant told The Cob.

If the Bears do not find a kicker soon, they could be stuck with a legless kicker, which would at least give them an excuse for missing so many extra points.

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