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Bramel Hopes To Win Big In Ottawa Canada Election

August 25th, 2016

OTTAWA, CANADA – After a highly contested and heated primary election season in Illinois, Jacob Bramel now hopes to win big this fall in Ottawa, Canada.

Rumors swirled last week about a write-in ballot attempt by the self-proclaimed libertarian-conservative for the post in which he lost to Jerry Long earlier in the year. Though these allegations were supposed tongue in cheek jokes, Bramel’s candidacy for Ottawa’s South district is serious business.

Though never a Canadian citizen Bramel hopes that won’t stop him from garnering the votes he needs to hold a position in the House of Commons.

“After the loss to Jerry I felt that I needed to leave Illinois. Then I started feeling like I needed to leave the country. Canada just felt like a realistic choice.” Bramel stated to The Cob.

Bramel will face tough competition in the Canadian race from the incumbent district holder, Larry Jong, a long time Canadian and resident of the Ottawa South district.

Whatever happens, The Cob is sure this will be a heated competition as well.

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