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Tom Hanks Ball

Breaking: Wilson The Star Of Hit Movie ‘Cast Away’ Now Accusing Tom Hanks Of Abuse

September 17th, 2018

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – In a shocking press release by the LAPD the actor known to most moviegoers as simply “Wilson” is seeking sexual abuse charges against Tom Hanks over incidents occurring during the filming of the movie, Cast Away.

“I’ve tried to live my life and forget about what happened, but I just couldn’t. Long nights and extended filming on a deserted island all led to a situation I feel needed to come to light.” Wilson told The Cob.

“Things started off normal but quickly got weird as Tom continually made advances toward me telling me he was just very lonely.” He continued.

“I’m totally heterosexual, I married a softball so I wasn’t into him at all. It’s just the Hollywood type to take advantage of an innocent volleyball.” He concluded.

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