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Children at Play Road Signs to be Updated to Pokémon Go Area Signs

August 9th, 2016

ILLINOIS – In an effort to alert local municipalities about the hot trend of Pokémon Go players heading outdoors, the State of Illinois issued an advisory last week to update any outdated Children At Play signs with new Pokémon Go Area signs.

Trends suggest that kids are once again making their way outdoors due to the popularity of the app created by Nintendo, leaving signage that alerts motorists of children being outside extremely outdated.

“There was a period of time where kids just didn’t go outside. These signs were useless, people ignored them. What were the chances you would see a kid playing outside? Slim to none.” Dan Williams, an Illinois Department of Transportation Representative stated.

“Now kids are back outside again, but we need a newer alert sign for motorists.” He continued. “The sign will have flashing lights and a bright neon glow with the outline of a person walking while looking at their phone.” Williams stated.

“We’ve found that these Pokémon Go players tend to walk into ponds, parked cars, highways, sewage treatment plants, barbed wired fences, restricted areas and across the border into Canada without realizing it.” He concluded.

The new signs are speculated to be in place some time in the fall, but a timeline for the release of the new signs has not yet been made available to the public.

As for what’s next in the Pokémon world? The National Organization of Pokémon Players in conjunction with the State of Illinois DOT hope to spin-up a statewide campaign called “Start Seeing Pokémoners!”.

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