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Dairy Battle: Dairy Queen Promotion Will Allow Customers To Stick Face Under Blizzard Machine

January 6th, 2017
Dairy Queen

OTTAWA, IL – Dairy Queen is planning to arrive in Ottawa in a big way this Spring by rolling out a promotion that will allow customers the opportunity to stick their face under the Blizzard machine and inhale as much ice cream as possible for one minute.

With the ever competitive and growing ice cream market in Ottawa, DQ told The Cob that it had to step-up and exceed promotions set forth by places like Tones Cones with their bucket of ice cream challenge.

“So the promotion works like this. You stick your head under the machine. We turn it on. You get to eat as much as you can as we count down the 60 seconds.” Stated Katherine Simmons, a representative from DQ, early Thursday morning.

“So the cost will be $5 and if you can survive all 60 seconds your picture will go up on our wall.” Katherine told The Cob.

“Of course we cannot provide calorie counts for this. You do it at your own risk.” She concluded.

As the dairy wars heat up, be on the lookout for more lactose filled promotions popping up in Ottawa. It truly is an amazing time to be alive.

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