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Ottawa U-turn

Don’t Tell Us How To Drive, If We Want To Make Illegal U-turns We’ll Damn Well Do It!

October 12th, 2019

OTTAWA, IL – Authorities, newspapers, and local know-it-alls have raised concerns about people making illegal U-turns coming out of Ottawa’s McDonald’s drive through in recent weeks, to which we say, shutty, we’ll do what we want.

“I get my morning coffee, slam a hashbrown, and squeal out a u-turn across 4 lanes of traffic, that’s my morning routine and I’ll be damned if a sign is going to make me stop!” Ed Reen told The Cob.

“My truck can make that turn no problem, I don’t know why they would even bother with that sign.”

“I don’t plan on stopping, there’s nothing more ‘Merican than McDonald’s, pickup-trucks, and burning rubber.” Ed concluded.

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